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Website Portfolio

Here are some of the websites I've designed. They are all manually hand-coded by me from scratch. No templates, no WordPress, no outsourcing. Google Search LOVES my websites because they use clean, non-proprietary, non-bloated, non-junk coding that conforms to their standards.

A website layout is the general design. You can have as many or as few pages as you'd like with any layout, add or remove a scrolling top image, add or remove an email contact form, etc. So there's always a bit of customization for every website I design.

ANY of my website layouts can be used for ANY industry, but you can view websites by industry by clicking the company type below. And click on each website image to open the actual website.

A yellow "enlarge" icon (instead of white) on top right corner of website image below means that's a "Premium" layout (i.e. more expensive). And if it says "incomplete", you might see some nonsensical text and images in there as I'm building the site and it's not yet live.

All Layouts
Property Improvement
Mechanical (HVAC, Plumbing...)
Landscaping, Lawn, Trees
Water, Drilling, Groundwork
Automotive Layouts
Other Industries

Empire Pizza
Empire Pizza
Easy-to-view mobile-friendly food menu (NOT an image or pdf!)
Royal Communities
Royal Communities
I did websites for 5 of their properties.
PAX Surveying and Environmental Consultants, LLC
PAX Surveying
I also designed their logo.
Autofixx Inc.
Autofixx Inc.
Older style one-page layout, still available at super bargain rate


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